Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Elk Run Sweet Katherine Review

I prefer white wines as a whole, but this red wine gets my award for best red in my book. Someone has finally listened and made a mildly sweet red wine with a distinctive aftertaste. This wine pairs perfect with Gouda cheese. The wine is fragrant and sweet with an almost smoky aftertaste that leaves you wanting more. I like to serve mine around 55 degrees.
Elk Run Vineyards is located in Maryland. So, sadly it is not located in Michigan. When I visit my second family in Maryland I try to pick up a few bottles. It has won many awards such as the 2005 Maryland Governor's Cup, 2007 Silver Award and has won 2007's Best Summer Sipping Wine. Toted as one of their dessert wines, I find that this red goes well with anything at anytime.

Price: $12


Jaime said...

how could anyone NOT love sweet katherine?! as a maryland resident, i'm happy to ship a few bottles of this to whomever would like it :)

and ps-amers, this blog is too cute. seriously!

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